16 – I wish I could have; and maybe I will just yet. – kubby bear

kubby bear
I wish I could have; and maybe I will just yet.
mixed media
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Have you ever had someone in your family or one of those friends that everyone spoke of so highly? This was Ria Pell. I cannot recall ever hearing a bad word uttered in regards to Ria. People would come up with excuses to pass through the Atlanta area with the real intent of a visit with her.

Ria was known for her huge heart, charitable ways, but I think even more so, her love of a good time and having been a social king. She knew all sorts of folks and threw outrageously amazing parties. I heard if you were waywardly in her neck of the woods, Ria would take you in and of course you would not leave again hungry or dissatisfied. She was also a chef in Atlanta, GA, and proprietor of Ria’s Bluebird and also for a couple years for a second restaurant, Sauced. Ria was also one of the building blocks of the southeast queer festival, MondoHomo, also based in Atlanta.

Everyone spoke so casually, in an assumptive familiarity, to me because she was family. I toyed with the idea of moving to Atlanta simply to work at her Bluebird, and that would have been my excuse to see Ria.

Through the tales and mentions, I never did in actuality meet Ria; she unexpectedly passed in November of 2013. Because of this void, she is my subject matter; maybe I could still get to know her through this process.


kubby has resided in Austin, Texas in recent years. kubby just wants to be a better person and finds the general callousness of others heartbreaking.