2 – Gestures of Augmentation – Kale Roberts and Diana Parker

Kale Roberts and Diana Parker
Gestures of Augmentation
sugar, hair, blood, royal icing, satin, translucent vinyl, glass vials, breathing light, mirrors, porcelain.
Items available for purchase: Glass Hormone Vials, $20 each. Portrait Sugar Tiles, $25 each. Vinyl weights, $40 each. Kettle Bells, $500 each.


Satin encrusted walls contain 2 worlds simultaneously, sugar representing both in sweet domesticated portraitures and a sustaining force of movement. At the center of this universe are athletes that have been thrust into a binary. This diorama depicts their outed faces. It depicts the gestures of those who navigate the world of athletics in stealth. Trans and intersex bodies are a major continuum of the augmentation that athletes have always used.


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Kale Roberts and Diana Parker are both residing in Tampa, Florida. Kale Roberts is happiest when he’s moving and sweating. He has a deep gendered history in athletics, having been a member of women’s collegiate soccer team. He now does many different types of athletics and body augmentation. He is a ceramic, sculpture and performance artist extraordinaire. He identifies as a queer, kinky, poly jock. He travels and gives lectures internationally. He is currently exploring athletics and identity potentials in his own work.

Diana Parker enjoys making the world a more beautiful place by taking off her clothes. She works in porn, and as a nude art model. She has a passion for writing, and is developing work that combines the two. She identifies as queer, poly, femme ally. Diana works as a production assistant for Kale, as well as collaborator. Their experiences as poly, kinky queers stimulate one another in production of their work together.