3 – Charmion – The Dandy Vagabonds

The Dandy Vagabonds
Sculptural Tapestry Vignette


1875 –1949 hard & soft

graceful, breath, extension, strong, bronze, brass, confident, proud, risqué
A vaudevillian Strong Woman & trapeze artist, Charmion queered up Victorian era gender presentations

in her abundant displays of muscle, skin & moxie. She scandalized the stage by performing a ‘Trapeze Disrobing Act’,
in which, between incredible displays of strength, grace & endurance, she disrobed down to her corset & pantalettes.

You can still witness this tantalizing performance as it was documented in one of Edison’s premier motion pictures: ‘Charmion 1901’ present here, an 1890’s era, Circus Arts advertisement- style poster explored within a life-size, sculptural tapestry vignette; Charmion poses graceful & defiant moments after her spectacle of opulently plumed, mesmerizing musculature.

More information on Charmion & other late 1800‘s-early 1900‘s innovative, female performers is available on our website, ephemeralfossils.com.



the dandy vagabonds are a baltimore based pair of curious, playful, artists who thrive on telling stories of whimsy, adventure, insight, & balance thru performance art, circus arts, fiber arts, the tactile & the ephemeral.

xander dumas, captivated by the elegant costumery of the regal avant guard & elliot mittens, a curious tinkerer, researcher & antiquated devices of wonderologist, make-up the collaborative duo.