19 – Silent Night – Mollie Fischer and Silky Shoemaker

Mollie Fischer and Silky Shoemaker
Silent Night
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Jennifer Gale was a well known character in Austin TX. For years she ran for multiple offices in her hometown including congress, governor, mayor, city council, and the school board. She was a familiar face at municipal hearings, forums, and meetings, where she was known for presenting arguments in song.

She appeared before Austin City Council on the night before her death and sang “Silent Night”, then made a speech concerning the health of city residents, and in particular, the incidence of death for those living on the streets and without housing.

Jennifer Gale died December 17th 2008 of exposure to cold on the steps of a church near UT campus. News sources reported that the only shelter in Austin that houses women overnight, operated by the Salvation Army, would’ve forced Gale to sleep and shower with men because she was a trans woman.



Mollie Fischer is a tinkerer, ponderer, believer of miracles, eater of strange foods, and beloved musician currently living in Wimberley.

Silky Shoemaker is an artist and performer currently living in Austin.